My little Angels Eyes boy Barney Dedog Love that he has lovely white eyes now with no more staining!!! ♥
Dear Phillippa
I hope this was worth the wait, I still can't believe it, I have wasted so much money on products that don't work. It is truly wonderful to find something that actually lives up to it's name
Please keep in mind our little Bella has a pink eye, so even though her right eye looks darker, I can assure you it's not tear stains
I will start on her brother Rafferty now, I didn't want to waste the product, as his stains aren't as bad, keep you updated
Kind Regards,
Hi there, 
I have some feedback for you, there's also photos attached (the first 2 are "before" and the third one is the "after" photo (after only 4 weeks on AE):
I had been at my wits end with my maltese x bichon Ruby constantly chewing and licking her feet and turning the hair brown on her feet. She also had stains around her mouth and eyes. I'd tried lots of topical tear-stain remedies which had no effect whatsoever, until I finally discovered Angel Eyes! Ruby took it continually for about 10 weeks total, once a day in her dinner, she loved the taste (she's very fussy) and we saw results quickly, within 3 weeks there was white hair growing though, I couldn't wait to get the brown hair clipped off, and afterwards she looked so bright and white! This was late 2011 and the effects have been quite longlasting, just now the hair is starting to turn a little bit brown again, so we will start the process over, this time in chicken flavour :-)
Thank You Katrina

The product is going really well, its for my Maltese X who still has a little brown around his eyes which is staining from before I started with Angels' Eyes but no new staining. He is looking and smelling so much better.
Thank You
Hi Phillippa

This is a photo of my poodle Darcy who is now 6 years old. I have had him since 2006 when he was 7 weeks old. As you can see he had runny eyes which marked his fur and had to be wiped every day.

On 7 March 2012 I was told about Angels Eyes which I purchase via a friend. Within 3-4 days his runny eyes had ceased on less than ½ teaspoon a day.

I think this is a wonderful product and of course have passed that on to others. 



Hi Phillippa,
After only 2 weeks of application of Angels' Eyes I have noticed such a wonderful improvement, and attach a photo.    I have persevered for over 3 years with other tear stain remedies without success.     
I have today placed another order for Angels Eyes.
Thanking you,

Hi Phillippa
We have been using Angel Eyes for just over a month now and have noticed a marked improvement in Molly’s (Bichon Frise) eyes.  But if we stop it for too long the staining comes back since she may have a partially blocked tear duct.  The vet will check it whenever she needs to be ‘put under’ next time (hopefully not soon)
I have attached some photos of her – two before any treatment and one last night.  The photos may not really show the full extent of the improvement, but we can certainly notice it.
I will also send through an order for another 60g bottle of Angel Eyes. 


I am writing to you to say how amazed we are at the results after the short time we have been using "Angels Eyes".
Our Spoodle Charlie has had tear staining since we got him as a pup, in his case it is genetic and he was also getting staining around his mouth that was very smelly.
After starting to use Angels Eyes we noticed after only a week that his eyes had improved and both areas were getting better by the day.
Now 1 month on his eyes are clear and the smelly staining around his mouth has gone.
We can't be happier with the results !!  I have attached before and after photos.

Kind regards
Hi Phillippa,
I would just like to thank you for stocking Angel Eyes here in Australia. In only 2 weeks and 3 days I have noticed a considerable difference in my baby girl April's eyes. They are no longer watery and there is no longer a build up of the reddy/brown gunk under her eyes. Her fur is still stained but has faded considerably and I believe with new growth that too will go away. I have attached some images for you to see yourself. Thanks again! 
Hi Phillippa
I have attached a photo of my little dog Lu Lu excitedly opening her Angels Eyes order. 
I cannot beleive the improvement in her eyes.
 I wanted to send a before photo of her but can't seem to find one at the moment. 
Thank you so much for the great service that goes with a fabulous product.


I have been using Angel Eyes for 1 month now, and it has been working really well. I have a 1 year old cavoodle and her tear stains have improved significantly... I can't even believe it.

Please see photos before and afterwards.
Thank you

A Small Sample of our Happy Customers
Hi Phillippa,
thank you so much for all your help getting Tess looking so beautiful again. I didnt ever think is was possible. Your product is magic!!
Hi Phillippa,

Well the proof is in the photo’s as you will see Miss Sophie’s looks fantastic as does Mstr Ernie.

They both had their haircuts on Saturday morning and they are very white & clean for now a least.

It’s amazing to see the difference in Sophie.



Well here is the first of my dogs to be cleared of the red stain, the after shots were taken about 5 weeks after he started.  
I clipped back as much of the red fur back as i could when he began the powder so there would be only remnants left when i next saw him.
I am blown away by the results as are his owners.  
I am using it on my mums dog now and she has a decent regrowth of clean white fur appearing.  I have before photos of her but she started much later than Brock, so they will come along when i have had the chance to see her again with a camera.
As word spreads more and more people are wanting to amend this unsightly red fur their dog has.  I now have 2 Dandy Dinmonts, two oodles and a poodle who need to get on the wagon too.
But here are the photos of Brock the Spoodle.


This is Gemma, she is owned by Lorraine & Allen of Torquay Vic and was our very first Angels Eyes Australia customer....
Hi Phillippa,

Thought you'd like a new photo of Magi.  It's now been over 2 months since she stopped her course of Angels' Eyes and she's still looking great. 


Hi Phillippa,
My boy Branson looks really good when he is all white and no staining. Thanks again.

Amazing! Owners are wrapped with the results - milly has her dignity back lol
Thank you so much for the awesome product. It seems that the product has already taken effect after a few usage. I have included the before and after pictures as a testimony for this awesome product. I have not labeled which is the before and after photo as it is pretty obvious what this awesome product has done. :) 

Hi Philippa.

Here are some photos of Bella.

As you can see, her stains in her eyes have completely disappeared.  She still has some staining around her mouth.

Hi Phillippa,

I have been meaning to send you some photos of Meggy for the longest time.  She is looking wonderful and just got back from the groomers on Monday so I took some photos to show you how her eyes have cleared up. 
Thanks again


Hi Phillipa

I just want to share my Angel Eyes success story with you. 

Stewie is my 4yo West Highland White Terrier. He is an obsessive licker – licks absolutely anything! He was particularly targeting his feet so I embarked on some research into how I might stop him – doing this I discovered Angel Eyes. When I read about and saw how much difference this product made to other white dogs I decided to give it a try. The results for me are amazing! Not only has it rid him of the terrible brown stains on his feet and around his mouth, I am sure it has played a significant role in breaking his licking habit. He still has a bit of a lick on the sly and more so in our Wet season when his feet regularly get wet but nothing like he was previously doing. This whole process for me has not been quick – it has been very close to 12 months in the making, but well worth the wait.

Thank you Angel Eyes.

Kindest regards,

Thank you so much Margarita, Charlie and Fuzzy
Your service is fantastic ! & the Angels Eyes is a wonderful product. My boys, Charlie & Fuzzy THANK YOU 
My precious Coco is so cute I could just eat her. She has just had a bath with the Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner. Smells like Pina Colada, now I really could just gobble her up
My Jax is an Angel Eye's boy - just look at his white face and coat
Thanks to Angel Eyes my Beautiful princess Summer does not have any more staining around her eyes or mouth. Am so happy with the results thanks to Angels' Eyes
Wayne Fox Thanks. 19th May was at the Million Paws Walk event where I heard about your product but they were sold out. I ordered from you on the 20th. They have long coats so it has taken a while for Barking Barber (Natasha) to finally clip most of the stains out now.

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