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  • 01-Angels' Eyes Natural Tear Stain Remover 150g

    Angels' Eyes Natural tear stain remover may help to remove tear and coat staining in dogs and cats. The products helps to reduce the oxerdisation that causes the staining. The product should be used as directed and for a min of 12 weeks.

  • 01-Nose Glow

    Soothing Nose Glow Moisturizer is specifically developed to help soften and moisturize your pets nose leaving it beautiful, smooth, with a shiny glow. Recapture your pets healthy looking nose. There is no washing or rinsing required. Contains Shea Butter & Coconut Oil

  • 01-Soft Paws

    Soft Paw Moisturizing cream is specifically developed to help protect and moisturize your pets rough, dry and cracked paws leaving them soft and smooth. Apply gently by just using your fingertips to massaging onto your pets paws, there is no washing or rinsing required. Contains Shea Butter & Coconut Oil

  • 2S-Artic Blue Whitening Shampoo

    Our Whitening Shampoo is an extraordinary, tearless, protein enriched shampoo that produces brilliant white coats and produces a lustrous sheen on any light colored coats. It cleans thoroughly while adding luster and body to the coat without harsh bleaching. Our Whitening Shampoo controls matting, tangling, and fly-away hair. Its rich lather rinses out easily, and with a fresh tropical scent.

  • 2S-Hawaiian Waterfall 2-1

    2-1- Conditioning Shampoo is a sweet pea & vanilla scented, gentle, deep conditioning salon treatment for your pet. Specially formulated with essential fatty acids to hydrate, protect and restore moisture to dry skin and coat. Natural conditioning agents and chamomile nourish and leave coat silky and lustrous. Long-lasting fragrance leaves your pet smelling fresh and clean.


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